Where can i test this game?

I've been looking at this game for a while and i have wondered if there is a way i can get the game, i haven't been able to find a link to test it, if there isn't one, you might want to say on your website. And if there is a link make it easy to access.
Hey Alexy, thank you so much for your question! We are super eager to release Expedition for testing, but so far there have been two major roadblocks preventing us from doing so:
  1. Game breaking bugs- These problems block the player from progressing which can make the game completely unplayable at times
  2. Lack of content- This is becoming less and less of an issue, but the game simply hasn't had enough content to be enjoyable
We are getting closer to overcoming these obstacles all the time. Also, starting this week I'll make an update in every Dev Blog on how close we are to releasing test builds. And when it goes live I will also provide details on how to get it. :)
Thanks again for reaching out!