DevBlog 02

Welcome to Week 2!

This week was all about programming. We created a custom network manager which proved time consuming, but worth it. Next week we will need it for adding in-game chat and player names.

Our awesome sound guy has began work on our soundtrack. Please keep in mind, like everything posted here, it is a WIP (work in progress) and will likely be improved and changed over time. Click hereto check it our first ambient track.

This week we..
  • Created new test map for working on player movement and building placement
  • Created a custom network manager and UI system for creating and hosting networked games
  • Continued building mob (wildlife) AI unit functionality

Next week we are..
  • Expanding on and debugging the current building system
  • Actually creating a player inventory system
  • Adding additional AI functionality
  • Adding in-game chat and player names

Help Needed!
If you are a driven person with interest in our project please reach out to us. No matter what your experience is we can use your help. More specifically we need experienced 3D Modelers (Environments and Organic creatures) and animators.

Have any questions? Tweet @Red_Fox_Studios or email us at =)