DevBlog 04

New Test Map!
This new map is great for experimenting with the visual style we are going for and testing/debugging the building placement system on different slopes and elevations.

Crude Oil(Left) & Iron Ore(Right)
This week we worked on implementing Iron and Crude Oil, both of which will be fundamental resources for crafting many items in our game. Next week we will add a few more resources & create improved 3D models.

Mining Drill

Expedition will have many aspects of other survival games but we are NOT including the tedious, boring, and mindless process of standing in front of a resource and holding left click as a core component of the game. Our game is about using machinery and automation to acquire the resources required to sustain and expand your colony. More details next week on resource gathering.


This week we created 3D models for the rifle and pistol. These are still WIPs and we will be using these models to upgrade the combat system- adding ammo types, reloading, shooting animations and sound effects.

This week we..
  • Created 3D models for rifle and pistol
  • Improved building placement system
  • Added hotbar to player inventory system
  • Added hostile and passive AI with respawns
  • Added loot dropped from AI and resources
  • Added Iron Ore and Crude Oil resources

Next week we are..
  • Adding crafting!!!
  • Adding an oil drill
  • Adding additional resources
  • Taking the combat system to full functionality
  • Expanding on items (ability drop and pick up as well as store in chest)

(All visuals shown are temporary assets that will be modified & improved)
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