DevBlog 05

New Player Model
This astronaut is not an original asset but it is a nice placeholder we will be using for awhile. It also helps with the consistency of building environments set on alien planet.

New Resource

Cobalt is our new blue resource added this week! Cobalt's main use will be to produce batteries that will be used to store power for the colony and eventually for constructing robots.

Oil Pumpjack

The Pumpjack is our automated mining machinery used to gather crude oil. It is similar in function to the Mining Drill shown off in last week's devblog.

Huge functionality improvements have been made to combat this week. A complete reload system, ammo count, dry fire sound effect, and more were added. Animations are still lacking so visuals like reloading and recoil kick are not in yet, but will be added soon.


The UI for hunger and thirst were also added this week, once we get food items into the game then we will setup a system so that there will be effects related to change in hunger and thirst levels.

This week we..
  • Added a new player model
  • Added an oil drill
  • Added Cobalt as a natural resource
  • Added a lot of functionality to the combat system
  • Debugged player respawns

Next week we are..
  • Finishing the crafting system
  • Reworking the item and container system
  • Adding functional chests to store items in
  • Starting work on a new biome
  • Adding our first biological creature
  • Continuing work on the building system & 3D models

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(All visuals shown are temporary assets that will be modified & improved)
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