DevBlog 07


This early game tool is used to harvest resources. In the late game, machinery will help gather resources automatically. However, this is a low cost tool that helps for get started by gathering basic resources that can be used to craft more advanced gear.

New Building System

A new system was made to allow for buildings to be snapped together or freely placed around the map. Next step is to make interiors and function specific buildings.

Loot Drops

(Cobalt, Mechanical Parts, Raw Meat, & Iron Ore)
When resources are mined or creatures are killed they now drop loot that will go straight into the players' inventory if they pick it up.

Wasteland 2.0

More details and resources were added to the wasteland biome. I'm hoping to get started on a another biome soon while continuing to add onto this one.


The hotbar is now in and makes switching between items possible! The currently selected item is highlighted by white background and the item equipped matches the view model on screen.


There are now six craftable items in the game. Soon we will add required resources that the people most have in order to craft each item.


Ammo counter is another addition made recently. For now there are two ammo types (Rifle & Pistol) and each weapon has a unique magazine capacity. The quantity of ammo being carried still has to be matched to what's in the inventory.

This week..
  • Added crafting
  • Added to Wasteland biome
  • Added Pickaxe
  • Added ammo counter
  • Made the hotbar functional
  • Worked on building system

Next week we are polishing..
  • Inventory
  • Looting
  • Resources
  • Ammo
  • Buildings

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