DevBlog 08

Mini Devblog
I've been out of town all week, so this update is a short one. More to come next week =)

Food and Medkits are currently in the works. There is still some work to be done but these are going to be the first two items that can be consumed to boast the players stats.

Sound Effects
This week we spent a lot of time on sound effects. We have been putting off this task for awhile now and the game feels a lot more complete with all the added sound effects.

Checkout our youtube channel of our first four ambient tracks. We will continue adding more tracks as we continue development, but this list captures the style and feel we are going with for the music and the game as a whole.

Next week we are launching a Discord server! As we approach public testing, the Discord will be a great way for us to communicate with players and take feedback. We will also regularly post updates on Expedition's development.

This week we..
  • Added to Sound Effects
  • Added to the Soundtrack
  • Worked on Consumables

Next week we are focusing on..
  • Buildings
  • Inventory
  • Resources
  • AI Behavior
  • Shooting recoil

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