DevBlog 09


This is our second biome and we plan on making it much larger than the Wasteland. This is a very basic version of the environment and continue adding much more detail soon.

Coal Shards

Coal is a new resource that can be found in most biomes. It's main uses are to powering furnaces and other structures. It will also be used as a crafting ingredient for making gunpowder, plastic, and more.

Silica Crystals

Silica (also known as quartz) will be used for making glass and semiconductors. This is will be a moderately rare resource used for medium to high tier crafting.

New Loot Drops

Top Row: cobalt, parts, raw meat, iron ore, pistol
Bottom Row: coal, silica, pistol ammo, rifle ammo, rifle

Chests & Backpacks

Containers have been a huge challenge for us and we've made a lot of progress this week. Unfortunately, items stored in chests are still not syncing over the network. This will be a big focus for us next week.


The medkit is an excellent healing item that can be crafted. It currently heals at a rate of + 1 health every second with a max heal of +20 health. The item currently has no cost to craft, that is something we will add next week.

UI Refresh

We started a refresh of our UI design this week. It's still in development and will likely change a lot by next week.

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This week we..
  • Put a buttload of work into the Inventory System
  • Added Coal & Silica
  • Added Consumables
  • Added Tundra environment
  • Added new sound effects
  • Added ability to drop items
  • Added medkits
  • Added backpack

Next week we are..
  • Upgrading the Tundra
  • Adding Buildings
  • AI Behavior
  • Shooting recoil
  • Syncing chests across network