DevBlog 11


Wow it was hard to get this ready. We came across an unbelievable amount of unexpected networking problems in the last few days. We also did our best to fix them all, but there are still plenty of bugs. If you are not interesting in playing just yet, please follow us on Twitter and join our Discordto track our process until you can't resist playing! :) Getting our game out there is a huge step for us! We will use the experience we gained from this to help with future releases as we continue developing the game. Please, try it outbecause we can honestly use any/all feedback at this stage. Both positive and negative feedback is very important for us as we shape what Expedition is going to be.

Settings Menu

Yay, we added an options menu! Keybindings cannot be changed in-game, however it can be done in the game's launcher.

Refreshed UI

All the menu buttons got a redesign this week and the in game UI is still being worked on but everything looks much nicer and cleaner than the original designs we made.

Desert 2.0

We added rocks, resources, cacti, and pumpjacks!

New Placeable Building
This awesome 3x3 building is replacing our old temp solution and this one is much better looking! There is a somewhat working storage chest that spawns inside the building. In the future, players will be able to place and store many things in the base!

AI Behavior

We completely reworked the AI and they move around much more natural now. Bumblebee, our new drone unit is also functional and able to attack players. All of the AI behaviors still need a lot of improvement, but now we have a solid foundation that we can build on.

A couple of us will be attending E3 for the first time this year! This unfortunately means we will have less time the usual for working on the game, but we'll still get a lot done next week.

This week we..
  • Fixed a crazy amount of unexpected network bugs
  • Added Settings menu
  • Fixed all broken UI buttons(except one lol)
  • Added new placeable building
  • Greatly improved AI behavior

Next week we are..
  • Bug smashing everything because we found a LOT of bugs this week
  • Focus on improving gameplay

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