DevBlog 13

New Exterior Structures
Water Extractor

This machine extracts water from deep below the planet's surface and requires electricity to run. The colonists need to consume water for survival and some building structures, such as Hydroponics, require water to function.

Solar Panel

Solar panels are currently the only source of power available. Will only collect power during the day.

New Interior Structures

This is the start of our farming system. Electricity and water are required and once the crop is fully grown it will have to be collected and replanted. Farming is a huge time saver comparing to scavenging and it can help grow the colony's population very rapidly!

Sleep Pod

As a player, after you place one of these you will respawn into of it. It saves you the effort of finding your base and running home every time you die. Extra sleep pods will be used by the AI colonists for getting rest. They are also required for expanding the quantity of colonists that live on the base.

Oxygen Generator

This one is pretty straight forward; you need oxygen to survive and this machine produces it. It requires power to run and produces a limited amount of oxygen. As the colony grows, so does the amount of oxygen generators required to keep everyone breathing.

Storage Chest

Chests are used as containers for storing inventory items -- nothing special here.

LavaLakes 2.0

We started upgrading the lava environment this week and really love the realistic flowing lava! This area is not complete yet, but it's definitely moving in the right direction.

This week we..
  • Added new interior and exterior structures
  • Added utilities: power, water, oxygen, and food 
  • Added utility production and consumption values to all buildings
  • Made LavaLakes 2.0

Next week we are..
  • Refining utilities and indoor placement system
  • Fix server problems
  • Continue work on AI

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