Wall Street Tycoon Beginner's Guide

This is a short guide to help players reach profitability in Wall Street Tycoon.

Step 1: HiringBackground Check

Make sure to run background checks before hiring new employees. You want to keep these stats in mind when deciding who to hire. Talent and work ethic are two very important traits!

Step 2: TrainingTraining UI - choose wisely!

Don't forget to train your employees! Just like real life, no one starts off being amazing at their job. They need training, and it will cost you in the short term (you have to pay them but they aren't producing work), however long term the investment will pay off. Their increased skill will produce more work and profit for the company.

Step 3: ProfitMaking money after training

From this point, the company will be more profitable allowing you to expand and grow the company. However growing too fast can lead to bankruptcy as expenses spike up.

Step  4: RaisesGive raises to prevent employees from quitting

Don't forget to give your employees raises to keep them happy and working for you. Try to keep their pay fair with individual skill levels, employees that become very talented expect fair compensation for their work.

Good luck, have fun! You'll figure out the rest :)